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How the DND Digital HR AppDev Team Does Agile Rituals

| Agile, DND, software engineering | 4 min read

I thought I'd write about how I coordinated our Agile rituals. Read more...

Missives to the Future: On Commit Messages and Maintainability

| Git, software engineering, maintainability | 6 min read

We don't write code for the machine - we write it for other developers. Read more...

Best Practices in Bash

| Bash, videos | 4 min read

Bash is extremely powerful as a scripting language, but because of its unfettered filesystem access, it can lead us into some tricky situations. Read more...

Beth Aitman on writing effective documentation at LeadDev Berlin 2019

| documentation, videos, software engineering, maintainability | 2 min read

My favourite takeaway from the talk? If you're documenting around a problem, you should probably just fix the problem. Read more...

The Great Gatsby Migration

| Gatsby, Netlify | 5 min read

If you've read my blog before, you might have noticed something looks a bit different... Read more...

Modular Programming in C

| C-programming | 3 min read

Today I'm going to demonstrate the concept of modular programming in C. Together, we'll build a simple integer arithmetic calculator. By the end of this, you'll have an idea of how to do modular programming in C with the use of header files, library files, include guards, and Makefile. Read more...

Hello World!

| meta | 1 min read

I've been wanting to get this going for a while, and now that the 'rona is upon us, I finally have time to do so! Over the next few weeks, I… Read more...