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Triggering Cloudflare Cache Purging with Netlify's Post-Deploy Hooks and a Google Cloud Function in Go

| Go, Netlify, Google Cloud, Cloudflare, middleware | 6 min read

I had been putting off some gnarly dependency upgrades for over a year and finally got around to it last week, after a few false starts of… Read more...

Go Package CI/CD with GitHub Actions

| Go, CI/CD, GitHub Actions | 9 min read

In a previous post, I wrote about how I implemented CI/CD checks and autoreleases for the Python implementation of my random-standup program… Read more...

Python Package CI/CD with GitHub Actions

| Python, CI/CD, GitHub Actions | 10 min read

In a previous post, I alluded to having pure CI/CD checks and autoreleases for my random-standup program. I wanted to ensure that: Each… Read more...

Writing a Simple CLI Program: Python vs Go

| Python, Go, CLI, CI/CD | 15 min read

As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm currently the Scrum Master of the DND Digital HR AppDev team. One of my duties is running the daily… Read more...


| TOML, maintainability, software engineering | 1 min read

Config files should be readable and editable by both humans and machines. What defines this? A format with a clear specification (for the… Read more...

Bank Error in Your Favour: Collect $500M

| finance, software | 7 min read

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. I am not providing financial advice of any kind. This post only shares my opinions on the costs of poorly… Read more...

How the DND Digital HR AppDev Team Does Scrum Rituals

| Agile, Scrum, DND, software engineering | 6 min read

My team in DND Civilian HR rotates the Scrum Master responsibilities among team members interested in taking on the role. I finished a 2… Read more...

Missives to the Future: On Commit Messages and Maintainability

| Git, software engineering, maintainability | 8 min read

2021 Update I'm now using Conventional Commits. You should too. Read on to find out why. My team works on tools to streamline civilian HR… Read more...

Best Practices in Bash

| Bash, videos | 7 min read

I do some consultation work with a Université de Montréal lab writing open-source qMRI software. The software is yet to be released, but we… Read more...

Beth Aitman on writing effective documentation at LeadDev Berlin 2019

| documentation, videos, software engineering, maintainability | 2 min read

I recently re-read Joel Chippindale's fantastic post about telling stories through your commits and I noticed that it was actually part of a… Read more...

The Great Gatsby Migration

| Gatsby, Netlify | 8 min read

If you've read my blog before, you might have noticed something looks a bit different now... the fonts are slicker, site loading is faster… Read more...

Modular Programming in C

| C-programming | 7 min read

Today I'm going to demonstrate the concept of modular programming in C. Together, we'll build a simple integer arithmetic calculator. By… Read more...

Hello World!

| meta | 1 min read

I've been wanting to get this going for a while, and now that the 'rona is upon us, I finally have time to do so! Over the next few weeks, I… Read more...